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    Dust Plug Kawaii Cat =(^-^)=

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    Dust Plug Kawaii Cat =(^-^)=

    Make your phone completely kawaii with this dust plug that you can plug into the headphone jack of your phone. Super cute, and ensures a dust-free headphone input.

    Kitten size: 1.5 cm wide, 1.3 cm high.

    Length with tail: 4 cm (at the back falls about 2 cm over your phone)

    Choose your color, price per piece.

    • Tip 1: check where your headphone jack is located. Is it at the bottom? Then your kitten is hanging the wrong way... (unfortunately nothing you can do about it)
    • Tip 2: Your kitten may come loose, because the plug consists of two parts. With a drop of superglue (let it dry for a while...) this is solved and you don't lose your kitten n__n
    • Tip 3: Also check where your camera is on your phone. Is it right under the headphone jack? Maybe the tail falls over it a bit. Pay attention to this :-)

    You can also use the dust plug with a (plastic) case/cover around your phone, that's no problem. It doesn't always work with a leather 'folder' around it.

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    Dust Plug Kawaii Cat =(^-^)=

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