<tc>Popin Cookin</tc> Omatsuriasan

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    Popin Cookin Omatsuriyasan

    Direct from Japan, Popin' Cookin! Super kawaii and super fun to try, with this set you can make Japanese festival snacks yourself. Awesome kawaii! You make candy apples, chocolate bananas, fries and corn!

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    Popin Cookin' comes from Japan and is a miniature D.I.Y. candy making set. With powder, water and various molds you can make miniature food, you can really eat it! by parcel post

    ~Popin Cookin contains no preservatives and no artificial colors!~

    Allergen information, contains: flour, milk, gelatin, soy beans, bananas


    sugar, glucose, palm oil, starch, dextrin, LACTOSE, cocoa powder, corn syrup, LACTOPROTEIN, hydrogenated maltose, gelatin (E441), concentrated YOGHURT, starch, coloring (caramel, gardenia, vegetable coloring, carotene, safflower yellow), sorbitol (E420), acidulant, flavoring, calcium carbonate (E170), polysaccharide thickener, gelling agent [sodium alginate (E401)], emulsifier, casein sodium ,glycerin, calcium sulfate (E516), calcium phosphate (E341), sodium phosphates (E339), glazing agent.
    sugar , glucose, palm oil, starch, dextrin, LACTOSE, cocoa powder , Glucose Syrup, LACTOPROTEIN, Hydrogenated Maltose, Gelatin (E441), Concentrated YOGHURT, Starch, Colors (Caramel, Gardenia, Vegetable Coloring, Carotenoid, Safflower Yellow), Sorbitol Acidity Regulator, Flavouring, Carbonateca, Polysaccharide Thickener, Gelling Agent (Sodium Alginic Acid), Emulsifier, Casein Sodium , glycerin, calcium sulfate, phosphateca, sodium pyrophosphate, glazing agent.
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    <tc>Popin Cookin</tc> Omatsuriasan


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