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    Kutsuwa Eraser Kit DIY Sushi

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    Kutsuwa Eraser Kit DIY Sushi

    Super cool, unique in the Netherlands and directly from Japan: make your own eraser using this kit and your microwave! ^_^
    From the makers of Fuwa Fuwa clay.... DIY Eraser sets, or DIY packages to make eraser. First of all, these sets look super cute in the noodle box, but they are also very nice!

    Click here for the video about the DIY Eraser Kit!


    • Double mold (9 x 6.7 cm)
    • 3 colors of clay (blocks of +- 3.3 cm x 2 cm, 1.5 cm thick). In any case, you can make all the erasers that are on the package and a few extra. You can make more colors by mixing 2 or 3 colors. The clay is in bags - not in trays as in the movie (the production has changed).
    • User manual, but it is quite difficult in Japanese!
    • You can use the packaging when making the eraser

    The end result is various types of erasers, with the size of about a euro coin.

    Tested by Marjet: watch the movie below! The erasers work well, but the eraser wears out quickly. Only for special eraser jobs, or just to keep! ~_^.

    Package size: 10 x 10 x 8.2 cm

    Erasers that consist of several parts must be firmly pressed together before you put them in the microwave, for example by using a skewer to push the clay together. If they appear not to be completely stuck after the microwave part, you can also use a drop of super glue (let it dry well!).

    You can reuse the mold, for example for Fuwa Fuwa clay or fimo clay!

    How does it work:

    • Take a piece of clay and knead it very well first. Make sure it becomes smooth, in the beginning it is a bit grainy, but the graininess disappears by kneading well.
    • Wet the mold a little with a plant sprayer and put the clay in the mold as a round ball. Press well and remove the remaining clay (you can just use it again later).
    • Put your created shape in the white container, add water and put it in the microwave at 600 watts for about 3.5 minutes . Note: one eraser at a time. If your eraser consists of several parts, put it together before you put it in the water and press it firmly, for example with a skewer. Do it: otherwise let it go!
    • When the microwave is ready: remove the container, carefully let the (now warm) water run out (leave the eraser in it) and now add cold water in the tray. This is how you harden the eraser. Let it cool down for a while and then let it dry. Tadaaa!
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    Kutsuwa Eraser Kit DIY Sushi


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